Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nothing but a trip....

The Real thing happend was...
Myself n my frnd went 2 kulithalai for a marriage.B4 starting
the trip we hav planned 4 a lot of things .We have 2 go to Srirangam,Samayapuram,Thiruvaanaikovil,Mukombu,
Rock fort,FSM(Femina Shopping Mall often they'll show on virtual request in SS Music )
dont ask me how many days plan Only 1 day :) in the morning we must atten the marriage.
We started...
we were planning 2 catch Mangalore Xpress in central
(i searchd in railway site &concluded) tht train wil start 4m
Central we got the ticket(unreserved) eventually i askd in the counter
wen the train wil come, the old man:) stared at us n askd
Have u Ever b4 went in mangalore xpress?
panicly we said no,no..again he laughd..who told u tht train wil depart 4m central(Oops!)
run fast u wanna catch it in egmore (thank God he didnt ask have u ever seen the train?)
we rushd n finally got into the train.Journey begun...usual things the whole nght we sat
(happens in UR) tea/coffee,waterbottles /packets,........the nextday mornin
train stops at trichy 4 more than 1/2 hr.
we dressd up egarly waitin 4 kulithali one of frnd( whos sistr is gettin married)
came ther 2 pick us.Super experiance s tht we went triples
in TVS XL(he ..hee its true).Got refreshd(make ups,make overs...)
I dont know how time has run hastidly(!) its eve 3 O' Clock our plans(?).
Finally we had arrangd a omni4m kulithalai 2 samayapuram
(dont ask me r u goin 4 pilgrimage..hmmm i luv temples) then 2 Srirangam
now the time strucks 7. other plans went as we have written it in air...plz dont do lik us
If u want diff(?) experiance then try it out.
P.S :I will say abt Kulithalai,Samayapuram & Srirangam in my next post...

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